Brief History



K. Spirakis with major purpose the finest service and the full coverage of a laboratory’s needs in diagnostics reagents, chemicals, disposable and scientific instruments, legally establishes SK Analysis. Head office sited in Kaisiariani, Athens.



Computer technology is applied in the company’s whole management. It issues its first catalogue, which was a new idea comparing to the competition.



Founding a branch in Thessaloniki, it penetrates North Greece’s market. Sales Section is organized and staffed.



Special emphasis has been given in the participation of the company in exhibitions and meetings related to its activity object. SK Analysis receives the 1st prize award for Best Presentation in the 1st International Exhibition “IGIA ’93”, held in HELEXPO ’s offices, in Thessaloniki.



Leading the way, SK Analysis sets new standards in client’s service. Its approach is still an example for other competitive companies.

Head office moves in its present address.



Continuing on its investment and strategic development plans, SK Analysis organizes a Service Section for technical support. Its technical representatives visit laboratories for a first hand investigation of the problem.

Members of Sales Section started visiting laboratories in other cities than Athens and Thessaloniki every 15 days. At first it was only 4 cities and today, SK Analysis goes to 52 different cities in 22 prefectures.



SK Analysis begins the importation of full-scale products for Clinical Chemistry and Immunology. SK Analysis Diagnostics became popular quite soon and their sales claimed a significant share of the market.



Computerized quality control data analysis is available free to labs using any SK Analysis product. Participants receive a full analysis of their data.



The great experience in the clinical chemistry field gives SK Analysis what it takes to represent Seppim Elitech reagents in the Greek market.



The Quality Control System first introduced by SK Analysis is becoming essential part of every day routine for the labs that participate. A new cooperation in Larissa, situated in Central Greece, gives the opportunity to SK  Analysis  to adjust its presence to the market to higher levels.



After voting of a new law that regulates new specifications for the function of biochemical laboratories, SK Analysis created a new department that undertakes the organization and the renovation of laboratories with new instruments according to the data.

Until end of this year SK Analysis has instaled 38 units of different Cobas Mira’s models. The last 2 months of the year the company has proceeded in cooperation with Tokyo Boeki by purchasing 5 units of Prestige 24i biochemical analyzer. It is evaluated that until the end of the next bimester will import 5 units more.



The first steps of the new analyzer in the Greek market were quite successful and everything leads to the conclusion that it can become an instrument of good reputation for the Greek laboratories. SK Analysis has every right to feel proud since once more its choices meet the market needs.



At the moment the number of operational Prestige 24i in Greek laboratories has reached the first target of 25. In order to take full advantage of the intrument’s potential, SK Analysis started a co-operation with the well-known Belgian company Diagam to represent exclusively their Nanosens labeled line of immuno-turbidimetric reagents in Greece.



SK Analysis enriches its product line by adding Technique Biologique’s (TB) coagulation range.



As a year of stabilization, priority was set to evaluate the current situation of the company and to strengthen our share in the market. The employment of modern technology provided SK Analysis the ability to offer technical support or tutoring from a distance. All operating instruments are on-line with the company’s help desk at almost any time of the day.



From 1st of January, SK Analysis adds exclusive representation of International Microbio’s products to its duties. Although the Mycoplasma series is familiar to the greek market for over 20 years, new line of products needs introduction and support.

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